Designing Employee
Self Service

Employee Self-Service Portal is an internal communications platform that brings together the Corporate and their employees for a shared goal.

client: reliance industries

The challenge

Create a universal portal that serves all the employee needs and employer and employee communications.

Translating the Web interface to the mobile interface with intuitive user-centred design.

Create an in-house solution for project management software to manage tasks, projects, and scrum teams.

The Goal

Company communicators desire a single location where they can communicate with and engage all employees across all channels. Employees, whether desk, frontline or remote, desire an easy and user-friendly approach to communicate with their organization.

My role

Lead UX designer, UX researcher
and Visual Designer


Foundational user research, wireframing, prototyping, user testing and post launch user research

Understanding the user

User research


Problem statements

User journey maps

User research: summary

I have conducted extensive qualitative research throughout the departments in the company to find that there were a lot of differences between what the employees want and what the corporate think their employees need. Below are few quotes which highlight the contrast.

Corporate: “We are proud of the chatbot feature. It's modern and everyone in the industry is using it. It's so elegant!" - Business Leader

Users: "I hate the chatbot, It's useless".
"It's easy to call ESS instead of typing and hoping the bot takes me where I want, which never happened by the way".

Corporate: "We built great tools for our employees to make things easy for them but nobody is using them. We don't know why? "

Users: " I have to go into the folder after a folder to find a document and sometimes even 4 different subfolders to find that ONE document I need. And it's a nightmare if I have to collect different documents all at once."

User research: Pain Points

Regular Email overload and lack of overall communication and feedback

Device Chaos and in consistent interaction and Visual design

Balancing internal and external information, and overload of irrelevant information

Chaos in interdepartmental Project as the tools and frameworks differ from each departments

User Personas

Lakshmi's Journey

Create a new project and add all the teammates

Srikanth's Journey

Open up a conference call with your teammates and share files

Raj's Journey

Finish tasks in Time sheets, HR, Form 16 or any app in 2-3 clicks

Starting the design

Paper wireframes

Digital wireframes

Low-fidelity prototype

Usability studies

Paper Wireframes

Low - fidelity prototype

Hi - fidelity prototype

Internal Communications

Reach Everyone Engagement Scalable


Goals: Integration Right Features Track KPI's Transperancy

Quick Shortcut

Tailored UX Smart IA
Edge Cases

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